Uses of Natural Gas

For more than hundreds of years natural gas has been considered as a useful and cheap energy resource. The Chinese identified the uses of natural gas about two thousand five hundred years ago. In the year 1816, the Americans used natural gas to illuminate the streets with gas lamps. Later in 1900 this fossil fuel was discovered in nearly 17 states. Since then the usage of natural gas has been increasing. One fourth of the world's natural gas is produced in the United States of America almost every year and sixty five percent of the total production comes from Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Louisiana.

Natural gas is consumed at a high rate by the manufacturing industries. The main uses of natural gas in the industry sector are for manufacturing products like plastic items, safety gear, paint, ink, glue cosmetic products, sports equipment, photographic film, medical equipment, auto parts and much more. Even synthetic fiber and nylon are made with the derivation from natural gas. Natural gas helps each and every one of us to a greater extent in fulfilling our basic needs whether it is preparing healthy food or traveling from one place to another. The key factor that makes natural gas one of the best forms of energy is that it has varied domestic, commercial and industrial uses.

Generating electricity and heating are traditional uses of natural gas but now the uses are increasing in various sectors such as residential, commercial and industrial. When fossil fuels like coal, crude oil and natural gas are burned they pollute the atmosphere but natural gas is the only environmental friendly energy resource that does not affect the living things and the surroundings to a greater extent. Another main advantage of natural gas is that is also economical in comparison to other energy resources. With so many benefits to offer us, natural gas is truly a boon to the current sophisticated way of living. The commercial uses of natural gas are benefited by office buildings, hotels, churches, schools for water and space heating, cooling etc. Natural gas is the best choice for hotels and restaurants when it comes to cooking, as it is economical and easy.

The various uses of natural gas in industries include treating waste materials, drying and other industrial processes. Based on the statistics provided by the Energy Information Administration it is estimated that the commercial sector consumption accounts for 6523 trillion Btu's of energy per year. Natural gas provides advantages such as self-ignition and temperature control for clean and healthy cooking at homes as well as restaurants. With the advancement in technology using electrical appliances has become fast, easy and efficient. The most commonly used natural gas appliances include pool heaters, garage heaters, fireplaces and so on. Emission of smoke from vehicles can be controlled or minimized with the usage of natural gas. It is believed that the demand for natural gas from the transportation sector would increase in future, as usage of natural gas is economical and environmental friendly.