Solar Power - Important Today and for the Future

Energy source is used in our day-to-day activities for various purposes but it's too expensive to use fossil fuels such as crude oil, natural gas and coal. Exploiting these fossil fuels is unavoidable and a common myth, which prevails, is that crude oil is getting depleted. The demand for crude oil is increasing and it is driven especially by the transportation sector. At such a high consumption rate it is believed that there won't be enough crude oil to meet the requirements of commercial, residential and industrial users. It takes millions of years for crude oil to be formed from fossils. Instead of depending upon these fossil fuels, an alternative energy source can be used and nothing can be better than a natural one like the solar power.

We can run out of fossil fuels at any time but we will never run out of Solar power as it is natural and it comes directly from the sun. Moreover this kind of a natural energy source is cleaner than fossil fuels. Fossil fuels emit lot of harmful greenhouse gases into the air, which in turn pollute the environment whereas solar power received directly from the sun is never harmful to the environment. Global warming, smog and the Asian brown cloud are caused due to the burning of fossil fuels. The Solar power has numerous advantages when compared to the fossil fuels that are non-renewable resources. It can be used for various purposes like cooking, pool heating and much more. Using solar power maintenance cost can be reduced.

Solar power obtained from sun is always free. The fear of getting huge bills on electricity consumption can be forgotten. Even though initial investment is required for using solar power it is worth investing in this natural energy source, as it will be beneficial in the long run. Financial incentives are available to those who are keen on using solar power. As the demand for this energy source increases the price will fall ultimately. The energy source, which can be naturally obtained, is more reliable than the fossil fuels that are likely to run out in near future. Due to the various advantages of solar power, the demand for fossil fuels will decrease. This way we can protect our environment and keep it free from pollution to a greater extent. Though the sun is not available during nighttime, we can be assured that it will appear the very next day.

Energy from the sun is readily available in abundance no matter how much we use or where we use. The maintenance cost is very little and there are no moving parts that require maintenance. Locating fossil fuels such crude oil and natural gas takes months or sometimes years. Extraction and production consumes time whereas there is no difficultly of locating the sun as the solar power from sun can be obtained daily in abundance except during the night. It is believed that the fossil fuel will soon be replaced by Solar power.