New Concepts for Alternative Energy

At present, everyone is dependent on fossil fuels. It is believed that after few years most of the energy that we use will come from renewable or clean energy. What is now considered as renewable energy was used long back in the 19th century. For agricultural and industrial purpose, windmills and watermills were used. Now, new concepts for alternative energy are being developed. The development and implementation of these clean energy resources will help in the global economic growth. In some countries, government provides subsidies for the growth in renewable energy business. Earlier, the cost of using alternative energy was expensive due to the price factor but now due to advancement in technology, new concepts are being developed so that consumers will be in a position to exploit renewable energy to the maximum extent.

If more investors come forward to put in an affordable amount of money in R&D for renewable energy, new concepts will emerge so that there will be efficient production of alternative energy and also reduction in selling price, so that consumers will benefit out of this. This will also resolve the pollution problems that we face. The reason for expansion of the usage of renewable energy was due to the oil crisis that occurred between 1979- 1980. Locating a proven reserve and digging an oil well to extract oil is a complex process and it consumes lot of time, sometimes several years. Extraction and production of fossil fuels such as crude oil, natural gas and coal are difficult as lot of chemical processes are involved. Equipments are expensive and complex too. On the other hand, producing energy from resources such as sun and wind is natural and also free.

Plants and other organisms convert carbon dioxide and sunlight into oxygen and biomass. A bio fuel called algae fuel is derived from algae. Another concept for alternative energy is the conversion of plant matter into compressed biomass briquettes. Production of these briquettes is not done on a large scale though there are few exceptions. In the renewable energy sector, another great concept is floating wind farms. Wind turbines float in the middle of the ocean as these turbines are capable of harnessing more wind from open Ocean. These floating wind farms are similar to regular wind farms except that they float in water. Another advantage is that they do not stand as obstacles for trees, buildings and hills.

The new concepts that are being developed with the help of advanced technology will help domestic as well as industrial consumers to a large extent. Huge investment in R&D will be fruitful in the development of new concepts that can be slowly implemented. If these concepts are successful, all the countries will start adopting them so that everyone can benefit out of it. Oil prices are skyrocketing and it is believed that the prices of alternative energy in future will be less expensive than the cost of crude oil. Thus the entire world will start switching to another form of energy which is none other than renewable energy, which is clean and safe to the environment.