Natural Gas Production

Natural gas is a fossil fuel, which occurs naturally, and it is a mixture of hydrocarbons containing primarily of methane. This gaseous mixture is in great demand throughout the world, especially in the United States, which is a global leader in natural gas production. In the earlier days, natural gas was used only for lighting streetlamps. Later on it was discovered that this fossil fuel could be put into much more use in our day-to-day activities. In the present era, natural gas has become a part of everybody's life and it is the most preferred choice by the residential and commercial users. The major natural gas producing nations are Russia, Unites States, Canada, United Kingdom, Iran, Indonesia, Netherlands, Norway and Algeria. The United States, Russia and Canada consume more natural gas than it produces.

The naturally occurring gaseous mixture is in great demand by the industrial and electric power sectors. Demand for natural gas can be met only if there is sufficient natural gas production. There are many unconventional reserves, which have not been explored or accessed due to various factors such as political and economical constraints. Shale formations of natural gas can be found offshore. Most of the unreachable natural gas deposits are on the offshore sites. During recent times, with the usage of new drilling techniques for exploring and extracting natural gas, the United States has witnessed a significant increase in natural gas production. The increasing demand can be met with the implementation of modern technology, as it is cost effective.

Natural gas production is not an easy process as huge capital and modern technology are required. Exploring and extracting consumes lot of time and sometimes it takes months or years to complete the process. Natural gas used by end consumers for cooking and heating is not exactly the same as it is being extracted from the earth's surface. Once conventional natural gas reserves are located after exploring using geological surveys and seismic explorations, wells are drilled into the earth's surface to extract the fossil fuel, which is present in its raw form. Since natural gas is a mixture of various compounds as well as oil & water, the impurities need to be removed. After refining the natural gas, it is transported through pipelines. The natural gas present under the earth's surface is raw in nature, which undergoes various processes, and it is converted into a more usable form for commercial, industrial and residential purpose.

Modern technology has simplified our way of living and it plays a major role in the current oil industry. The Unites States has become a trendsetter during the recent times as the natural gas production level has increased from shale formations. Credit goes to modern technology as it has contributed significantly in extracting natural gas from those reserves, which were once unreachable due to risk and economical factors. Horizontal drilling, complex path drilling and multilateral drilling techniques have been successful in extracting natural gas in a cost effective way to meet the growing demand.