Benefits of Solar Power

Think about using an energy source that is renewable and environmental friendly instead of using an energy source that proves to be hazardous to our health as well as our surroundings. Which one will you opt for? Of course, the first choice would be the energy source, which has more advantages. Solar power is a very good example for a renewable and environmental friendly form of energy source. This energy source is used for generating electricity from sunlight. Most importantly, this does not contribute to global warming or affect plants and animals.

As long as there is enough crude oil trapped under the earth and oil companies can extract, refine and convert it into a usable form then we can use it for various purposes but how for how long can we rely upon fossil fuels to meet our day to day needs. There are chances for fossil fuels to get depleted whereas sunlight doesn't. Energy from the sun can be used free of cost and it is renewable as the sun appears daily, except during nighttime. Unlike crude oil, solar power does not emit carbon dioxide or any other harmful gases into the air that proves hazardous to living things.

Converting crude oil is a tedious process. First of all, a proven reserve needs to be located where crude oil can be extracted after drilling. It is then transported to the industry where for refining after which the raw material is converted into a usable from for the end consumers. This end product is later on exported to countries that are in need of petroleum, which is used mainly for transportation. On the other hand, using solar power, electricity can be easily generated. Spending money on this natural form of energy is an investment for future whereas the price of crude oil keeps increasing coupled with shortage in supply.

Using solar power denotes environmental as well as financial benefits. Fossil fuels have more disadvantages when compared to renewable energy sources. Advantages outnumber the limitations when it comes to solar power; whereas there are lot of disadvantages and very few advantages in case of a fossil fuel like crude oil. One drawback of using solar power is that initially it is quite expensive but incentives are provided and moreover after few decades the costs will come down. The other drawback is that sunlight is not available in the night. While weighing all the available options, solar power would undoubtedly prove to be the best alternative natural energy source when compared to fossil fuels.

Due to advancement in technology, people in the developed countries have already started using solar power because of its undue advantages. It is deployed to a maximum extent for heating homes, swimming pools and even for cooking. Even if fossil fuels get depleted in the long run, solar power will be an alternative energy source for us to use in any part of the world. It is believed that soon almost every country in the world will realize the benefits of using solar power over fossil fuels and consider it as an investment rather than a huge expenditure.