Alternative Energy Sources

Using fossil fuels for heating, transportation and generating electricity has become a tradition. We are dependent upon these fossil fuels and the demand for non-renewable energy sources like crude oil is increasing though the supply is not equal to demand. Mostly there is shortage in the supply of crude oil in some countries and the prices increase due to it. There is a possibility where some day we will not have any fossil fuel to use as researchers believe that crude oil is getting depleted. It is not possible to reduce the usage of fossil fuels as we use them regularly and these energy sources are always in huge demand throughout the world. The only solution to this is using alternative energy sources.

There are numerous types of alternative energy sources that can be useful to human race. Moreover these energy sources, at least most of them are not only natural but they are also environmental friendly. Natural cum renewable energy sources such, as wind energy and solar power do not release harmful gases such as carbon dioxide into the air. We have an option to keep our environment free from pollution as well as to make the best use of these alternative energy sources, which offer us umpteen numbers of benefits. There are countries which use these energy sources for various purposes but if these renewable energy sources need to be used on a large scale by most of the countries so that they are not fully dependent upon fossil fuels such as natural gas and crude oil.

Alternative energy sources are renewable and environmental friendly. By using such renewable energy sources we can reduce greenhouse gases polluting the environment. This will ultimately preserve our natural resources. The different types of alternative energy sources that can be used are wind energy, solar energy, biomass, geothermal energy and much more. These energy sources prove to be more beneficial as well as clean when compared to fossil fuels such as crude oil and natural gas. Wind energy is a common form of renewable energy. We do not have to spend money to buy wind, as it is natural. Turbine rotators help in converting wind energy into electrical energy. These are built on wind farms that are located off shore.

One of the most useful alternative energy sources is solar energy. This type of energy is used for cooking, heating and generating electricity. Lot of families uses solar power to heat their homes and swimming pools. Energy from the sun is free and readily available as it is a natural form of energy. Rays from the sun are captured in solar cells, which are converted into electricity. Sunlight can be used again and again. Solar energy has numerous uses, which are endless. Biomass is an energy source obtained from the waste of decomposed plants and animals. This type of energy is also renewable as animal and plant wastes are always available. Geothermal energy is used for producing electricity and this does not cause air or noise pollution. Geothermal plants are rather small and hence they do not occupy lot of space.